Sunday 15 September 2013

The Netherlands: Armin van Buuren says no, but has Anouk been asked?

Armin van Buuren did announce his interest in representing The Netherlands in Eurovision a few months ago although now it seems he's not up for it. He gave a radio interview where he confirmed that he's not going to by flying the Dutch flag next year or any year.

It's disappointing. Although all is not lost - he confirmed that Anouk has been asked to write the Dutch entry for next year. Now that would be awesome!!! She did a fantastic job this year... but there's no way she'll be the singer. This does also rule out  Ilse De Lange though - her an Anouk have a known rivalry. Anouk was on a TV show a few days ago where she didn't confirm nor deny her involvement in the 2014 Dutch representation. It's clear The Netherlands are going internal though now... We'll find out more soon.

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