Tuesday 10 September 2013

Sweden: Melodifestivalen final on 8th March, cities announced!

SVT have confirmed the dates for next years Melodifestivalen - the final is set for 8th March, and the circus will kick off on 1st February. Here are the cities:

  • 1st semifinal: Malmö (1st February)
  • 2nd semifinal: Linköping (8th February)
  • 3rd semifinal: Göteborg (15th February)
  • 4th Semifinal: Örnsköldsvik (22nd February)
  • Second chance: Lidköping (1st March)
  • Final: Stockholm (8th March)

Like every year, the final is going to be in Stockholm - and in Friends Arena. I hope the Swedes come up with something better than they did this year... Submissions close 18th September.

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