Saturday, 16 November 2013

NuVidz: Kaliopi, Céline Dion, Lawson, Emma!

Kaliopi, one of Macedonia's finest singers, has released a new track entitled Lokomotiva. What's not to love? It features lots of violin and accordion... Personally, Kaliopi is one of my favourite Macedonians aritsts and I wouldn't mind seeing her return to Eurovision at all. The amazing Céline Dion performed Love Me Back To Life on The X Factor UK last week. It's an amazing song!!! You can listen to the studio version here! <3 Lawson's latest song is Juliet. They are an awesome band and their latest track rocks. The song was actually released a few weeks ago however I've only discovered it recently. Finally, we have a new song from one of Italy's finest singers! Emma releases L'Amore Non Mi Basta... è fantastico!!!

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