Friday, 8 November 2013

Ukraine: Max Barskih to compete in the Ukrainian selection!

It has been reported that Max Barskih will enter the Ukrainian national selection this year! This blogger is thrilled to hear this news - as the song he's trying with is amazing.

Max Barskih is no stranger to Ukraine's national finals - as he's already participated twice before. He entered with Belyi voron in 2010 then in 2012 with Dance. He's one of Ukraine's most successful artists. Max's entry is entitled Nebo and would make a perfect Ukrainian representation. Remember, submissions are open until 6th December and then a special jury will choose the best songs for the national final. Ukraine will be the first to select their representative for Copenhagen. The song was released only three days ago and has clocked over 60,000 hits already.

Kiev 2015 could be a possibility, if Ukraine was to select this masterpiece...

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