Friday 19 September 2014

Ukraine: NTU announce withdrawal from Eurovision!

How sad!! The Ukrainian broadcaster, NTU, confirmed through their official website they won't participate in Eurovision 2015. I guess this was always going to happen due to the current political situation and also because of financial reasons. I guess Russia will be booed again for sure.. Let's hope Ukraine will be back in 2016!! This is what they had to say:
The unstable financial and political situation, military aggression from the east, the annexation of Ukrainian territories — all these events have forced the broadcaster to focus on the main priorities of NTU: the construction of public broadcasting in Ukraine. This is necessary to carefully optimize any cost. Therefore, the National Television Company of Ukraine…has decided not to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. 
I'm gutted! However, it appears Poland will confirm their participation very soon...

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