Sunday 9 November 2014

Interview 2015: Ása Ástardóttir!

Ása Ástardóttir is Iceland's one and only Youtube Queen, and she's now aiming for Eurovision. Ása competes with the song Don't Stop The Madness - an epic feel-good song with a fantastic video-clip to match! I had the opportunity to speak to her about pink limos, wind machines and being covered in Swiss chocolate!!

Jack - You're originally from Iceland - so why did you decide to enter the Swiss selection for Eurovision?

Ása - Yes, I am Icelandic but I live in Germany and have been traveling around the world. Switzerland offers a great opportunity for independent artist. Their concept of the Eurovision Contest is the most modern and free competition in all of Europe this year. I am very proud to be allowed to send my song to the Preselection in Swiss and to compete with other very VERY creative artist. It´s just so much passion and love in the competition.

Jack - It looks like you had lots of fun filming the video-clip! How was it for you?

Ása - It´s all about fun! When we plan our videos we think of all the fun stuff we would like to see or do or experience. And we just GO FOR IT! I dream of a pink limo – voilá! There is a pink limo and I just jump in! I love old timers! Hello old timer driver, please take me for a ride!!! It´s not complicated making videos. It´s just complicated to get started and go for the things you dream of!

Jack - If you do advance to the Swiss national final and then Eurovision, how will stage your performance? 

Ása - Whatever happens, I will definitely get my wind machine!!! And I might be covered in Swiss chocolate and the beautiful sexy dancers too. Doesn't it sound delicious?

Jack - What would it mean for you to represent Switzerland in Vienna?

Ása - I will be a great representant for Switzerland. I even went to language school to learn Schwiizerdütsch! And I also bring my own big Swiss mountains to the ESC!

Jack - Have you always been a Eurovision fan? Did you watch Eurovision 2014?

Ása - Always, always and forever! The ESC is a never ending glamorous Disco night with friends from all over Europe! There is no life without the song contest! And Conchita just proved my point. What a sensational personality.

Jack - Here are a few random questions for my readers to get to know you a little bit better. Where is your favourite place to holiday?

Ása - My life is one big holiday! I am always hungry for new things and there will always be a place I haven’t been to.

Jack - Your favourite alcoholic drink?

Ása - There is no drink without alcohol in my life. I especially enjoy everything sparkling!

Jack - Can you speak any foreign languages?

Ása - I speak the languages of love and a few others.

Jack - Apart from songwriting and singing, what other interests do you have?

Ása - I am a big girl, and my size and style requests creativity, so I looove designing my clothes and hair decorations. I collect nailpolish and everything in pink or with bling bling!  

Jack - ÞAKKA ÞÉR! Thank you so much - I wish you the best of luck!

Ása - Big Kisses!!!

Y'all can vote for Ása here - and enjoy her song below...

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