Friday 21 November 2014

Malta: National final tonight, fourteen qualifiers revealed!

The Maltese qualifiers were announced moments ago, and there's not really any surprises. Amber, Jessika, Karen Debattista, Ekklesia Sisters and Deborah C all managed to qualify for tomorrow night's final. Amber must win. Unfortunately, we lost six acts. Raquel was eliminated - I don't know why.. Her performance was one of the best tonight. Loved it. Ekklesia Sisters's (The Nuns) will no doubt do very well, possibly even win, but I've heard their performance was very poor. I don't think the juries will appreciate them but we'll see. The acts in red failed to make the final:

  • Lyndsay Pace – Home
  • Iona Dalli – Could Have Been Me
  • Franklin – Still Here
  • Christabelle – Rush
  • Jessika – Fandango
  • Chris Grech – Closed Doors
  • Karen Debattista – 12, Baker Street
  • Daniel Testa – Something In The Way
  • Glen Vella – Breakaway
  • Raquel – Stop Haunting Me
  • Domenique – Take Me As I Am
  • Lawrence Grey – The One That You Love
  • Deborah C – It’s Ok
  • Danica Muscat – Close Your Eyes
  • Corazon – Secretly
  • L-Ahwa – Beautiful To Me y
  • Amber – Warrior
  • Trilogy – Chasing A Dream
  • Dominik – Once In A While
  • Ekklesia Sisters – Love & Let Go


  1. About 9 of the ones I liked made it. I was sure Lyndsay, Dominique and Corazon would get through but I made a few bad calls obviously :(
    PS> LOVE your "Video Of The Day" Jack. TAL is one of my fave contemporary artists and "Le Passé" my absolute favourite of hers.

    1. Corazon's song was nice and I expected her to qualify.. oh well! You never know what Malta will like and what they won't like xD
      And yes, TAL is fabulous!! Hope she represents France one day <3


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