Thursday 13 November 2014

Serbia: 200 acts in the running, auditions start next week!

The Serbian broadcaster has received a total of 200 applicants. Vladimir Graić invited young talents from across the county to take part and auditions will be held next week to find the strongest candidates. These are the locations and dates when auditions will take place:

  • Niš, 17th of November
  • Zaječar, 19th of November
  • Kragujevac, 21st of November
  • Užice, 24th of November
  • Novi Sad, 26the of November
  • Belgrade, 28th of November

This is what he had to say regarding the selection:
There is a lot of talent in our country and this is a possibility for some of them to get the opportunity they deserve. Usually only few get the chance like this. We want to change that, and this is our contribution.

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