Monday 1 December 2014

Switzerland: "Expect Check" line-up complete!

On 7th December, eighteen acts will perform in front of a special jury all hoping to make the Swiss national final on 31st January. Only six will make the final. Unfortunately, Kitty Brucknell's song wasn't selected for the Expect Check round despite being a major favourite. This blogger was absolutely gutted - I was even lucky enough to interview her a few weeks ago.

  • Arbresha - "Same Stars" SRF/RTR
  • Bubble Beatz ft. Sandra Wild - "Run" SRF/RTR
  • Thierry Condor - "Open Heart Surgery" SRF/RTR
  • Dahï - "Destiny" SRF/RTR
  • Simon Hafner - "There Was a Yesterday" SRF/RTR
  • Andy McSean-"Hey Now" SRF/RTR
  • San Dii - "iMagination" SRF/RTR
  • Timebelle - "Singing About Love" SRF/RTR
  • Tiziana - "Only Human" SRF/RTR
  • Alenko - "Vu d'en haut" RTS
  • Anach Cuan - "Hurdy Gurdy Girls" RTS
  • Célia - "Letter to Myself" RTS
  • Licia Chery - "Fly" RTS
  • Mélanie René - "Time to Shine" RTS
  • Shana Pearson - "Kevlar Heart" RTS
  • The Vad Vuc - "Cocktail e fantasmi" RSI
  • Deborah Bough - "Take Me Back to 23" RSI
  • Elias ft. Zero In On - "Your Perfume" RSI

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