Saturday 10 January 2015

Lithuania: Rollikai first to be eliminated!

The Lithuanian selection continued tonight and Rollikai have become the first act to be eliminated. Fan favourite Vaidas Baumila was once again on top form and is already tipped to win the whole thing. Time will only tell if he's as lucky this year. The acts tonight only performed cover songs but next week it starts to get really interesting. They will sing their possible Eurovision songs. 12 songs have been chosen for the competition and online voting will start tomorrow. These are the song titles:
  • “I’m feeling love”
  • “Say you love me”
  • “Es tut mir nicht leid” (“I’m not sorry”)
  • “Not perfect”
  • “Skestu” (“Expand”)
  • “Feel my love”
  • “No more tears”
  • “Dangerous”
  • “The right way”
  • “Sound of Colours”
  • “Take my love”
  • “Factory Hearts”

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