Saturday 17 January 2015

Moldova: Semi finalists revealed!

Throughout the day, auditions have been held in Moldova to determine who will make the semi finals. This blogger did watch some of these auditions and it was a diverse line up, to say the least. I'm thrilled Kitty Brucknell made the next stage! The qualifiers:

  • Carolina Gorun – Sublime
  • Cezara – Am devenit straini
  • Dana Markitan – Love me
  • Diana Brescan – Up and down
  • Doinita Gherman – Inima fierbinte
  • Domenico Protino – Let me fly
  • Doredos – Maricica
  • Edict – Our star
  • Eduard Romanyuta – I want your love
  • Glam Girls – Magia
  • Irina Kitoroaga – I’m gonna get you
  • Julia Sandu – Fire
  • Kitty Brucknell – Remix
  • Lidia Isac – I can’t breathe (Without you)
  • Marcel Rosca – Feelings will never leave
  • Mihaela Andrei – About love
  • Miss M – Lonely stranger
  • Raby – Hero
  • Serj Kuzenkoff – Danu nazdravanu
  • Stela Botan – Save me
  • Sunstroke Project & Michael Ra – Day after day
  • Valeria Pasa – I can change all my life
  • Vera & Diana Popa – Faith
  • Vitalie Todirascu – Tu singura

Unfortunately, Rodicia didn't make it. I thought her song was amazing. Kitty didn't qualify with Yearning, the song she also sent into Switzerland, but Remix instead. The Moldovan semi finals will be held on 24th and 26th February, with the final set for 28th February. Sunstroke Project & Michael Ra qualified with this fabulous song:

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