Friday 13 February 2015

NuVidz: Il Volo, Ruth Lorenzo, Nek, Anna Tatangelo!

Il Volo are among the favourites, if not THE favourite, to win Sanremo tomorrow night and get the ticket to Vienna. Their song is fantastic and you can watch the official video-clip of Grande Amore here. Their song hasn't been on YouTube for even 48 hours yet and it already has over 200,00 hits. Sorprendente!! Moving away from Sanremo for the moment, Ruth Lorenzo has released the official music video for Renuncio. Once again, the lovely Ruth never fails to impress. Fatti avanti amore is another favourite to win Sanremo tomorrow - and my personal favourite too. Nek has been winning many polls and has actually overtaken Il Volo in the betting odds today. Sanremo continues tonight where all 20 'Big Artists' will sing their songs and four will be eliminated. Unfortunately, Anna Tatangelo is at risk of being eliminated with Libera..

If you're going to watch Sanremo tonight, use this hashtag on Twitter - #Sanremo2015

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