Saturday, 21 February 2015

Vienna 2015: Super Weekend #5!

Another national final weekend awaits us, ahh I love this time of year :-) Three countries will be selecting their song for Vienna whilst Finland, Hungary and Sweden continue their selections.

Eesti Laul concludes tonight. Ten songs are in the running to represent Estonia and the winner will be decided by a 50/50 combination of jury and televote.
  1. Luisa Värk - Minu päike
  2. Maia Vahtramäe - Üle vesihalli taeva
  3. Elina Born & Stig Rästa - Goodbye to Yesterday
  4. Kali Briis Band - Idiot
  5. Robin Juhkental & The Big Bangers - Troubles
  6. Daniel Levi - Burning Lights
  7. Elisa Kolk - Superlove
  8. The Blurry Lane - Exceptional
  9. Elephants From Neptune - Unriddle Me
  10. Triin Niitoja & John4 - This is Our Choice
Will Elina Born & Stig Rästa win as predicted or could there be a major upset? This blogger would devastated if they didn't win.. it's an amazing song!!

Mia, Monika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila will tonight fight for the Lithuanian ticket to Vienna. All three have previous national final experience.. The song was decided last week and it's This Time. Interestingly, Monika and Vaidas both performed the song amazingly together. They even kissed - it was a lovely performance and I would love to see them both win. But I don't know if that's possible as it would be rather unfair on Mia I guess.....

You will be able to watch the show at 19:00 CET

The final semi final of Finland's UMK is set to take place tonight.

  1. Ida Bois - Kumbaya
  2. Aikuinen - Kyynelten lahti
  3. Solju - Hold Your Colours
  4. Järjestyshäiriö - Särkyneiden sydänten kulmilla
  5. Angelo de Nile - All for Victory
  6. Heidi Pakarinen - Bon voyage
Find out here what myself and Blogilkar thought of tonight's line-up!

Another seven acts are aiming to make the final of Melodifestivalen as the 3rd semi final will be held tonight. I will be focusing on Estonia and Lithuania and therefore won't watch the show tonight..
  • Andreas Weise – Bring Out the Fire
  • Isa – Don’t Stop
  • Kalle Johansson – För din skull
  • Kristin Amparo – I See You
  • Ellen Benediktson – Insomnia
  • Jon Henrik Fjällgren – Jag är fri (Manne Liem Frije)
  • Andreas Johnson – Living to Die
Nine acts will be hoping to qualify to the final of A Dal although only four will make the cut.
  • Bálint Gájer - That's How It Goes
  • Bogi Dallos - World of Violence
  • Gabi Szűcs - Úgysem felejtesz el
  • Gergő Oláh - A tükör előtt
  • Gyula Éliás Jr. feat. Fourtissimo - Run to You
  • Ív - Fire
  • Kati Wolf - Ne engedj el
  • Other Planet - Untold Story
  • Passed - Mesmerize
Of course I want to see Kati Wolf make the final.. I expect Passed and Bogi will also sail through to the final too, but who will join them?

All attention will be on Latvia tomorrow, as Supernova finally concludes. Only four acts remain in the competition. Aminata Savadogo seems to be the big favourite, with Markus Riva also a big contender for victory. Maybe. Although don't rule out MNTHA. Her song is weird yet somehow wonderful - and the Latvians don't always select the most internationally friendly songs..ElektroFence's song isn't bad but come on.. the other three are so much better! More here

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