Monday 16 March 2015

Vienna 2015: What's been happening at the HoD's meeting?

All the Heads of Delegations have meet in Vienna today to officially present their songs to the EBU. And here's a brief look at what we've learnt today...  

  • The preliminary dates for Eurovision 2016 are 10th, 12th and 14th May. Of course this could still change...
  • Serbia will defiantly sing 100% in English. Romania's going to sing a bilingual version - after the English version got mixed reactions. 
  • The opening party in Vienna will be held on 17th May.
  • During the grand final, the participating artists will enter the arena via a magic bridge. It's anyone's game what that means.... but I can't wait!
  • Austria will perform at #14 in the final. The host country's position in the running order was chosen by a random draw. 
  • If you have accreditation, you'll be able to use Vienna's measum and public transport for free. 
Montenegro is the only country yet to reveal their entry - that'll be released on 21st March. I'll be doing my introductory series very differently this year. I'm sure y'all are going to love it :-)

Photograph - ESCKAZ 

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