Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Romania's national final will be remembered for Ruslana's interval act (which lasted almost 30 minutes!!) but let's not forget about Voltaj. They won the national final, beating Luminiţa Anghel, and here's what we think of their song! 

Ana: It doesn't matter the language in which they sing this song, it always touches me. It’s simple but effective at the same time and I love the message. I think they will make the whole Europe get emotional because their song has something special and they know how to transmit it. 9/10

Ilkar: Another great song with good arrangement and beautiful melody, topped with important lyrics and not artificially made to fit the Eurovision mode like most of the Romanian entries. I can even forgive them the English as most of the song is in Romanian anyways and you hardly notice they switch to English in the end until you realize you actually do understand what he is singing about. 7.5/10

Jack: I'm very impressed with Romania's effort this year. It's great they'll sing in Romanian too and not just English. Voltaj deserve to make the final and I think they will. It's an amazing song with a great message. I think it's a dark horse. Could Romania finally be victorious? 9/10

Jess: Great singers, great song, such a great choice by Romania! 7/10

John: A strong ballad such as this is a welcome move from Romania this year. If the very obvious sentimentality can be overlooked and the song judged purely on its musical merits - a pleasant melody and a really strong singer – there are possibly enough ingredients for a winner here. 7/10

OUR VERDICT - 39.5/50

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