Friday, 10 April 2015

Ukraine: Zlata Ognevich's 'Pray For Ukraine' would've made a perfect entry!

We're all aware of the difficulties facing Ukraine at the moment, and due to these they had to withdraw from Eurovision. I think it's a great shame we won't be seeing Ukraine in Vienna. Anyway, Zlata Ognevich's new track is entitled Pray For Ukraine and I think this would've a perfect entry for them! Why? The song is incredible, has a fantastic message and Zlata is of course simply fabulous! I really am upset that we won't be seeing Ukraine in Eurovision this year but I naturally see why they won't be there.. they can't give it their all. They have more important issues BUT I believe Zlata's new track would've rocked and brought Ukraine a more than respectable position. Plus another uptempo wouldn't have gone a miss :-P Zlata performed this song, and a few others, at a pre-Eurovision bash in Riga last night (she was a special guest). Enjoy her awesome performance below (courtesy of WiwiBloggs):

....and here's the official video!

It remains to be seen if Ukraine will be back, this blogger hopes they will! It's always sad seeing countries withdraw from the contest. Please come back!!!! #PrayForUkraine.

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