Monday 27 July 2015

Stockholm 2016: Round up of July's news!

Eurovision news this month has been very very slow and therefore I haven't been able to update the blog much recently but I'm still here, don't worry :-) Here's a little recap into what's been happening this month:

  • Switzerland's national final will be held on 13th February. Same procedure as normal. Anyone can apply.
  • Turkey and Ukraine have both expressed interest in returning however official confirmation is still to be made.
  • If Sanna Nielson was asked to host the contest, she would say ja. But the 2014 Swedish participant has said she would need to brush up on her French if asked! 
  • Polina Gagarina performed 'A Million Voices' at the Fifa World Cup Allocation Draw in St Petersburg. I still think she would've made a fantastic winner....
  • Monaco won't return. Sigh. 
  • Nina Kraljić is rumoured to be Croatia's representative IF they return but who knows what's going to happen. 

....and that's pretty much it!

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