Wednesday 2 September 2015

France: Quel est le problème?

Lisa Angell only managed a disappointing 25th place in Vienna with her chanson - and France hasn't even graced the top 20 since 2011. They even came last in 2014. Quel est le problème? What's the problem? Why isn't France setting the scoreboard alight? 

France has an incredible music scene. There are so many fantastic French artists which would be more than suitable for Eurovision. No one can deny France isn't trying out different music genres. 2011: opera, 2012: dance pop, 2013: alternative rock, 2014: pop and 2015: a good old fashioned ballad. It's possible that singing in French is also a problem but I don't buy this. Il Volo sung in their native language and won the televote. Without sounding harsh - France just isn't sending good enough songs. Indila, Kendji Girac and Shy'm are arguably the biggest three names in the French music scene at the moment. All would be incredible representatives for France but big names just aren't interested. Indila has already said she won't participate. Apparently, the French broadcaster want to send a household name to Stockholm as this will increase interest in Eurovision. Time will tell who will get the honour but I hope it'll an act who can do France proud. Tal would be my pick. In hindsight, Lisa's song was just to dull and old fashioned even though this blogger always had a soft spot for it. I want to see France send a big name with a great song. Who knows if they will get it right next year....

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