Saturday 15 December 2012

Switzerland: Live stream!

21:24 - Thank you to everyone for following me tonight, I hope you enjoyed it! <3


21:12 - It's between...
1. Heilsarmee
2. Jesse Ritch
and... 3. Carrousel

21:10 - The results are coming soon...

21:06 - I would not be surprised if they made it to ESC...

22:01 - Sinplus (2012) are now singing their latest single, Turn on the lights... No me gusta... :(

21:58 - Switzerland... STOP VOTING!

21:57 - Our host is now interviewing everyone! :)

21:55 - I also enjoyed this, could it win?

21:53 - All the videos have been uploaded to Youtube, and here is my favourite....

21:47 - Adverts now... :/

21:44 - A recap is being shown... GO CHIARA AND MILISSA!
The audience went crazy when Melissa was shown!

21:40 - Votes from a friend in Macedonia..
1. Nicolas
2. Heilsarmee
3. Carrousel
4. Nill Klemm
5. Chiara Dubey
6. Melissa
7. Jesse
8. Anthony Bighead
9. Ally

21:36 - Jesse Ritch - Forever & A Day
Jesse has the honour of closing the show! I must say... I enjoyed this performance (because of the person in the box ^^) but I hope he won't win as there are better songs tonight! Jesse has a good voice too and I think he may do well! Will Switzerland vote? Maybe, and he has a good draw too... 6/10

21:28 - Nicolas Fraissinet - Lève-toi
Not a bad track however I feel it lacks power! He has good vocals as he sits with his piano. I think he will not even make top 5 but it may be the surprise tonight and so really well! What do you think of Nicolas? Would you like him to represent Switzerland? I wouldn't... 4/10

21:21 - They showed Nina Zilli <3

21:17 - Melissa - The Point Of No Return
Melissa participated in the Spanish national final in 2011 but lost out to Lucia Perez - she returns with a very catchy pop track! I understand she is very popular so I expect her to do well - Will she win? I think Melissa will win tonight as she puts up an amazing vocal performance (IMO anyway)! 9/10.

21:09 - Nill Klemm - On My Way
Now I do like this it's very boring! Nothing unique or special here however it's better than Do The Monkey. Not a pre-contest favourite so I doubt it will do well... The performance is also pretty average! I would not be surprised if he came last, truth be told! 3/10! What do you think?

21:00  Heilsarmee - You And Me 
This is one of the top favourites for tonight! I do like it but there is something missing! They look good on stage and even have a 94 year old - I bet Lys Assia is not happy! I think this will win and may even do well in Malmo... 7/10

20:50 - Anthony Bighead - Do The Monkey
There is nothing positive I can say about this song, I'm afraid! Such a stupid performance - how did this even make the final? Urgh, Switzerland - if you have ANY sense do not send this! I have a bad feeling this may do well or even win :/ Awful!!!! 0/10

20:41 - Carrousel -  J’Avais Rendez-Vous
Another favourite of mine! They sing in French and sound very good indeed. It's a song you would hear on the Metro in Paris! A great entry, maybe they could get to ESC? I think they will be top 5. What do you think? I know they have lots of fans... 9/10

20:30 - Chiara Dubey - Bella Sera
My favourite from tonight! I love this girl and she gives a really good performance! Chiara is wearing a simple black outfit and a bowler hat! I am so in love with this song! It is so beautiful  I think she will be top 3 and I pray that the Swiss vote for her! 10/10 <3 Well done dear...

20:23 - Ally - Catch Me
A great opening to the show! Ally clearly has great vocals - the song does seem very boring and fails to reach a climax! I liked the presentation on stage, that looked good! She looks beautiful  I don't think she will do very well! My guess is around 6th-7th... 8/10

20:17 - I think he (or she) is head of the jury :O

20:15 - Here is the jury for tonight! :D

20:07 - This is going to be an awesome show! Euphoria opened the show; unfortunately no Loreen :(

20:04 - The show has started, here is a link which works better -

19:58 - The show is just about to start! Eeek! Who is your favourite?

19:41 - To watch the show click here!

19:36 - Hello! I will be live streaming the Swiss national final, it is the first time I have ever done a live-stream on my own so I'm pretty nervous! :) The show will start at 20:00 CET! See you then... :D But for now, check out the hot favourite!

Who will win?


  1. Ally was ok... nothing more. Her vocals were ok, song wasn't really good. Performance was average. 4/10, if not less

    Chiara... she was slightly better than Ally. An okay ballad, good vocal. 6.5/10

  2. Carrousel - Great performance. The Female's vocal is good. the male's - not so much. Good interesting song as well, as much as I hate french :D My favorite till now - 7.5/10

  3. Anthony the Monkey - I like it, the song isn't good, neither is his vocal, but it is fun, entertaining and an interesting performance. Not bad at all. Slightly worse than Chiara - 6/10

  4. Heilsarmee - I really liked them. A great song, not a bad vocal, performance is as good as it can be for this song. Love it. 9/10

  5. Nill Klemm - Great! I really liked it. My 3rd for now - great competition!
    1. Heilsarmee
    2. Carrousel
    3. Nill
    4. Chiara
    5. Anthony
    6. Ally


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