Saturday 9 February 2013

Finland: Krista Siegfrids wins!

The bookies were wrong - Diandra bombed and Mikael came second! Krista Siegfrids rocked it tonight and the Finns voted for her! She has an awesome voice and her song is great- it's trash and we need some trash in Malmo, we have a sheer lack of it so far!

Marry Me also has some cracking lyrics "I'm your slave, your my master" - WOW!!! The jury awarded her full marks! My initial favourite was Mikael Saari but it was all pretty boring tonight, amazing voice though! Diandra came third - she looks very Egyptian but her song sucked... I loved the studio version but it just didn't come across good enough, in my honest opinion!

It was penned by Krista Siegfrids, Erik Nyholm, Kristofer Karlsson and Jessika Lundström. Latvia, Hungary and Sweden have semi finals going but I will update all that tomorrow - it's all about the grand finals for me! Norway will select soon... Stay Tuned! :) 


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