Saturday 9 February 2013

Norway: Margaret Berger gets the ticket to Malmo!

Margaret Breger will fly the Norwegian flag with I Feed You My Love! After a rather long show from Norway, my favourites both came first and second respectively!

The Norwegians certainly know how to put up a show - it was immense! I really thought Annsofi was going to win I just had a weird feeling, but thankfully I was proven wrong. Margaret has stayed in the iTunes charts for 2 weeks so it wasn't a shock she won. I Feed You My Love was awarded 102,032 votes from the jury and televote. The final four are as follows...

  • Adelén - Bombo
  • AnnsofiI'm With You
  • Sirkus Eliassen - I Love You Te Quiero
  • Margaret Berger - I Feed You My Love
Luckily, the Norwegians didn't te quiero Sirkus Eliassen! If I had one criticism to Margaret, she must ditch the dress! Good Night Europe! Take a look here...

Loreen gave an amazing performance, as always... <3


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