Saturday 23 February 2013

Ireland: Ryan Dolan wins the Irish selection!

Ryan Dolan won last night with Only Love Survives! He will thus represent the Emerald Isle in Malmo - the show was good last night but so predictable...

I enjoyed it and I'm rather satisfied with the result but I hope they chance the staging for Malmo - his vocal was very good, surprisingly! Aimée came a respectable second, I wouldn't of minded seeing her win - she was great! Inchequin came joint last - I didn't think they would win but last? Son Kez was so great!

The Late Late Show was late late and didn't end until midnight (British time) and the jury made several mistakes when talking about past participants - they're clearly not ESC fans like they say they are LOL!! Here are the results from last night...
  1. Ryan Dolan – 112 points
  2. Aimee Fitzpatrick – 104 points
  3. Kasey – 76 points
  4. Inchequin – 54 points
  5. Zoë Alexis – 54 points

Will Ireland qualify in May? I think so but I can't see it making top 10 or anything... 

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