Friday 22 February 2013

Spain: Listen to the full versions here!

Me encanta! TVE, the Spanish broadcaster, has finally released the songs ready for next week's national final! El Sueño de Morfeo (ESDM - as they're now calling themselves) have made three masterpieces...

You can listen here! The threesome have worked hard on these songs ready for ESC! I'm hoping Contigo Hasta El Final will win, it's beautiful! Then again, I wouldn't be disappointed with the other two tracks at all, I'm sure the Spanish will choose wisely - ESDM, destino Eurovision will be held 26th February!

Raquel has commented in an interview that she's looking forward to having the song chosen so she can prepare her ESC performance and how everything will look, mainly her wardrobe! The 3 competing songs are...

  • Atrévete
  • Contigo Hasta El Final
  • Dame Tu Voz

The best... <3

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