Sunday 3 March 2013

Serbia: Five songs in the running to represent the country in Malmo!

The Serbians will also choose their entry tonight too, not just the Bulgarians, after such a busy night I almost forgot about Serbia! Five artists are in the running, as they qualified last night...

My favourites are Marja and Dušan but they are all very good. I'm thinking Moje 3 will win, they are the biggest favourites over in Serbia apparently and won last nights semi final (not confirmed)! I'm going to be concentrating on Bulgaria tonight - I really can't wait for that!

Here are the finalists...
  • Moje 3 – Ljubav je svuda
  • Dušan Svilar – Spas
  • Saška Janković – Duga u tvojim očima
  • SKY’s – Magija
  • Marija Mihajlović – Halo
Very impressive - good luck Serbia! Still, nothings going to come close to Željko Joksimović. I think this will be the Serbian song for Malmo...

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