Saturday, 11 January 2014

NuVidz: Aram MP3, Greta Salóme, Tooji, Farid Mammadov!

Aram MP3 was announced as the Armenian representative on New Year's Eve and the day after he released Just go on. Nice song and it's defiantly a brave choice from Armenia... his ESC track will be revealed next month - I'm very excited about Armenia's song actually. I think it'll be great. Greta Salóme, Iceland's 2012 representative, has re-worked a well known Norwegian hymn. It's entitled Vetrarsálmur. What do you think? Rebels is very different from Tooji's normal style but I really love it. Why have I only just discovered it? Anyway, I always thought he was really underrated in Baku and "Stay" was amoung my favourites that year. Azerbaijan are always successful in Eurovision - and 2013 was no exception as they came 2nd with Farid Mammadov. Well he's back with a new single! Farid has released Her an yanimda, which is kinda boring but the Azeri language is so beautiful! I really wish Azerbaijan would sing in their native language one year.

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