Saturday, 10 May 2014

Copenhagen 2014: Grand final tonight!

The grand final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest will be held tonight! 26 acts are all in the running to be crowned the winner, and it's going to be a spectacular show. The running order was decided yesterday by DR and the EBU. Ukraine will open the show, and the United Kingdom will close it! Does this mean Molly can win? I really hope so! Azerbaijan will perform #03 in the finale - maybe this be the first year they don't make the top ten? And who will be last? I have a horrible feeling it could be Germany.. I hope I'm wrong. There are so many unanswered questions - and that's why this is the strongest and most exciting final in years! Remember, we see Montenegro and San Marino in the final for the first time ever! I predict the winner will be between Sweden, Hungary, Spain, The Netherlands, Denmark, Russia, Greece and maybe Austria? It's so hard to call. These are tonight's participants:
  1. Ukraine
  2. Belarus
  3. Azerbaijan
  4. Iceland
  5. Norway
  6. Romania
  7. Armenia
  8. Montenegro
  9. Poland
  10. Greece
  11. Austria
  12. Germany
  13. Sweden
  14. France
  15. Russia
  16. Italy
  17. Slovenia
  18. Finland
  19. Spain
  20. Switzerland
  21. Hungary
  22. Malta
  23. Denmark
  24. The Netherlands
  25. San Marino
  26. United Kingdom
Good luck to everyone! Especially Ruth Lorenzo, Emma, Molly and Valentina Monetta! <3

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