Thursday 20 November 2014

Czech Republic: Ewa Farna to be internally selected?

The world of Eurovision was shocked yet thrilled yesterday when the Czech broadcaster announced their return to the contest. A couple of polls have already been launched to see who the Czechs want to see represent their country in Vienna - and Ewa Farna seems to the clear favourtie!

Polish born Ewa Farna won’s poll with an impressive 70% of the votes. Meanwhile, she is winning another poll and people have stated that Poland would award them lots of points if she was chosen.. that's if Poland and Czech Republic are in the same semi final, of course! Even though the Czech broadcaster and media are happy about their return to Eurovision, unfortunately the public aren't as enthusiastic. 5,300 people took part in's poll and 94,7% said they won't follow Eurovision next year. Therefore only 5,3% will support their representative in Vienna. But anyway, if Czech Republic actually send something decent and do well - that could encourage interest in the future. This blogger believes Slovakia won't return though and Bulgaria will make a final decision within the next couple of weeks.

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