Friday 21 November 2014

Malta: Semi final tonight, 14 acts to progress!

Twenty songs. Fourteen qualifiers, One winner. Malta's semi final will be held tonight and it promises to be a fabulous show. Many fantastic and unique acts are in the running to represent the tiny island but this blogger has three ultimate favourites - Amber, Jessika and Raquel. But I think the winner will be either L-Aħwa or Ekklesia Sisters - although Amber could definitely challenge them. Or maybe Raquel could win? Her song is unique and many people seem to like it. I don't know but I did review all the songs individually, and y'all can check my reviews out here. Here's the running order for tonight. 
  1. Home – Lyndsay
  2. Could Have Been Me – Iona Dalli
  3. Still Here – Franklin
  4. Rush – Christabelle
  5. Fandango – Jessika
  6. Closed Doors – Chris Grech
  7. 12, Baker Street – Karen Debattista
  8. Something In The Way – Daniel Testa
  9. Breakaway – Glen Vella
  10. Stop Haunting Me – Raquel
  11. Take Me As I Am – Domenique
  12. The One That You Love – Lawrence Grey
  13. It’s Ok – Deborah C
  14. Close Your Eyes – Danica
  15. Secretly – Corazon
  16. Beautiful To Me – L-Ahwa
  17. Warrior – Amber
  18. Chasing A Dream – Trilogy
  19. Once In A While – Dominic
  20. Love & Let Go – Ekklesia Sisters
Good luck to everyone! I'll update this post later tonight with the results..

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