Friday, 14 November 2014

Review 2015: Malta's national selection PART 4!

My reviews of the Maltese semi-finals conclude this evening.. Enjoy!

L-Aħwa - Beautiful To Me
This blogger was never a fan of Gianluca's 2013 entry but I kinda like Beautiful To Me. He returns with his siblings - it isn't my favourite song in the selection but I think the Maltese public will like it.. Hard to predict where it'll end though. Could be a winner but also could flop. I wouldn't complain if they did win. 7/12

Karen Debattista - 12, Baker Street
Karen Debattista is a new to the Maltese selection process but she's already made a pretty good impression with 12, Baker Street. Her song is unique and very cute. Her voice is gorgeous and she looks so beautiful... Not necessarily a winner but I'm sure Karen can achieve top five with a strong performance. 8/12

Christabelle - Rush
I can see potential here. Rush is your typical dance song, no doubt about it, but I really like it. This blogger feels she needs some dancers and pyrotechnics if it's going to make an impression next week... What do you think? I'll give it 7/12

Chris Grech - Closed Doors
Closed Doors could really be a dark horse. Chris has been trying for a quite a few years and I'd love to see him make Eurovision next year. Not sure if this will make a massive impression though - because it isn't memorable when compared to other entries. The juries should like it, though! 8/12

Amber - Warrior
And finally, I have saved the best for last. Warrior is a strong, powerful and a beautiful ballad. I adore it! Can't wait to see Amber perform this live - like Chris, she's been trying for so many years so it would be lovely to see her be victorious. Juries will love it (if she nails it vocally) and I reckon the televote will also support her.. I really hope so anyway!!! What do you think? Does Amber deserve to win? 12/12

Thank you to everyone who has followed my reviews! The Maltese national final will be held next weekend - who are you supporting?

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