Monday 12 January 2015

Spain: Marta Sánchez denies participation!

Speculation regarding Marta Sánchez's participation in Vienna has been growing daily but the singer has put an end to it all today. She posted a message on her Facebook and this is what she had to say about Eurovision:
I am very grateful to all these days you have encouraged me to represent Spain in the contest, but the truth is that I never received the slightest proposal by its organizers.Eurovision is a unique event where participating artists I respect a lot and a production like few TV shows give, as confirmed by the Ondas award it received this year. But no, I 'm not the artist who will represent Spain this year.In any case, whoever is elected, I wish them well and hope for a great success leaving Spain in a good position.
So will Edurne be the one? Or could it be someone completely different?

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