Monday 10 August 2015

Portugal: Ronaldo's sister Katia Aveiro wants to do Eurovision!

Portugal are probably the unluckiest country in Eurovision. In 48 years of participating, they haven't ever graced the top five let alone win. The Portuguese haven't qualified for the final since 2010 either. Many people are calling for the selection process - Festival da Canção - to be scrapped or revamped as it clearly isn't working. But there's one Portuguesse singer who is being rumoured as a possible participant for Portugal and someone who this blogger thinks would be perfect... Katia Aveiro! 

Katia Aveiro is famously Cristiano Ronaldo sisters but is also a singer and has expressed an interest in representing her country in Stockholm! She posted this on Twitter..

Her music is pretty good actually. Portugal should select her internally, give her an awesome dance song and bang - Portugal are back in the final. Do you think she would be a good choice? Or would the Portuguese be better opting for someone else? Enjoy her latest song below:

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