Tuesday 1 September 2015

Spain: Mägo de Oz would love to sing at Eurovision!

Mägo de Oz are an established Celtic rock band and the groups founder - Txus di Fellatio - has said that representing Spain would be a great pleasure. They continued to say that even though rock music doesn't normally do well in the contest (uh, Lordi?), they want to sing for Spain in Stockholm. Mägo de Oz (Wizard of Oz) also said:
We have three or four years telling our label, Warner, to do everything possible to bring us to Eurovision because we believe that Spain in the Festival needs something new and fresh.
I think they would be both an interesting and daring choice. Maybe Marta Sánchez should team up with Mägo de Oz - now wouldn't that be something? :-)

1 comment:

  1. Would be a nice change from mass produced, unintresting Swedish produced schlagers! And I like their music, so a good choice. Something more rocky, always nice.


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